Vision or Reality – Benefit Sharing in the Eastern Nile Basin

Vision or Reality – Benefit Sharing in the Eastern Nile Basin is an educational film produced by the Center for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD). Following two previous case study films (Agricultural Challenges in the Ethiopian Highlands and Gezira Irrigation Scheme: A Struggle for Revival), this film zooms out to a basin perspective and captures the complex issue of transboundary cooperation and a critical moment of development for the entire basin.
The Eastern Nile River Basin is one of the most well-known transboundary water basin in the world and of utmost importance for its riparian countries Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. It is presently at a turning point as the balance of political power is changing and increasing demands create an urgent need for sharing agreements and cooperation. This film sheds light on the basin characteristics, history and resource use profiles of the countries, but also focuses on tangible examples of transboundary cooperation in the field of trade of resources, financial and technical cooperation and important approaches for benefit sharing.