Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

UPC is a research and superior education public institution on Architecture, Engineering, Science and Technology. Following the principles of UPC, as part of the institution, UNESCOSOST group objective is to provide a reflective and interdisciplinary space, open to reframe Technology as a tool for sustainable development, to reduce social, economic and environmental vulnerabilities and to strengthen social, economic and cultural diversity.

UNESCO Chair on Sustainability

In most projects developed by the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability we work in a comprehensive and holistic way the different dimensions of sustainability, including the environmental, economic, social and institutional dimensions. In that sense, we are working regularly on 16 from 17 SDG (SDG 14, life below water, is the only not developed), although most work is focused on the action based on biosphere goals such as 6, 13 and 15, the development on society linked goals, such as 1, 3, 4, 5 and 11, and the progress on all economic goals (8, 9, 10, 12). UNESCO Chairs as our own, have adopted among its founding objectives the approach to North-South reality, performing activities both locally and its translation to global scale. In our case, the main research lines include: social management and participatory community development; local and regional strategic & adaptative planning; sustainability and intangible cultural heritage; ecoinfrastructures for sustainable development and management of ecosystem services; integral neighborhood improvement; panamazonia. Most activities and projects are developed in an international multi-network framework, but with a local or regional approach and with extensive mobility exchange. Most of the undergraduate training is developed at the UPC ESEIAAT Campus with a majority of local students (and some ERASMUS), whereas Master and PhD with many students from outside Spain. In other cases, training activities are carried out in different countries, in close collaboration with our academic partners.

Research Projects in Natural Resources Management


BSc, MSc and Doctoral Programs relevant to CNRD

Activities in capacity development relevant to CNRD


Pool of Experts

Head of Teaching Beatriz Escribano
Strategic projects Juan Martinez
Head of Research Marti Rosas
Institutional Representation Enric Carrera
Joint Office Peru Rosario Pastor
Human Rights Xavier Alvarez
Head of communication Angela Ma. Barros
Project Manager Angel Gallegos
Head of Msmlab Laboratory Eva Fores
Technical Secretary Brent Villanueva
Technical Staff Lorena Aguilar
Joint Office Brasil Heraldo Peixoto
Joint Office Argentina Raul Halac
Joint Office Mexico Enrique Navarro
Joint Office Mexico in Mexico DF Hermilo Salas
Joint Office Mexico in San Luis Potosi Ricardo Villasis
Joint Office Colombia Jorge Montoya
Panamazonia Josep Pont Vidal

Project Coordination

Jordi Morato Farreras