Joint Student Projects

Intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogues between lecturers and students play a crucial role in building up expertise and creating new knowledge in the field of natural resources management.

One way CNRD exceed addresses these needs is the Joint Student Project (JSP) format, which brings together students and their supervisors from at least three different CNRD partner universities to work together on a shared topic at one of the partner universities. The format is embedded in the curricula of all participating universities. Students prepare and wrap up the JSP meeting phase at their home university and have their achievements awarded as coursework.

During the JSP meeting phase, students receive input from an international team of lecturers, discuss with their international peers, and organize interdisciplinary and intercultural student teams to carry out largely independent, research-based field work. Throughout this process, students have the opportunity to gain an insight into the site-specific challenges of natural resources management and understand more about social, environmental, and economic factors. This allows the teams to formulate their own preliminary solutions and approaches.

The JSP enhances the academic profile of the lecturers and students involved and provides an attractive teaching and learning environment at the various partner universities.

CNRD Joint Student Project on Hydropower in Nepal

CNRD Joint Student Project on Hydropower in Nepal