Exchanging students & lecturers

Student exchange

To support student mobility, CNRD offers financial support for M.Sc. students who want to carry out their field research abroad or join one of the other CNRD M.Sc. programs for one semester. CNRD provides scholarships for a stay of 3-6 months at a CNRD partner university to either carry out Master’s thesis field research or attend relevant M.Sc. classes. The Master’s thesis research must be conducted in specific CNRD case study sites and be related to CNRD research. Classes need to belong to a defined CNRD exchange curriculum as agreed between two supervising professors recognized at the student’s home university.

Next application deadline for M.Sc. scholarships: March 15, 2019
For scholarships for the summer semester 2019, please contact Alexandra Nauditt via

Application form for M.Sc. scholarships (Download the application form to fill in your data)

Admission requirements for CNRD M.Sc. scholarships

  • Students and researchers should belong to CNRD network universities
  • Research needs to fit into CNRD topics and objectives
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of English language proficiency:
    TOEFL of at least 550 (computerized version: 213, internet based version: 79) or IELTS level 6 or a similar test proving language skills)

M.Sc. scholarship grant per month for short term exchange

  • South-North: € 750.00 (4-6 months for DAC country citizens)
  • South-South and North-South: M.Sc. € 400.00 (max. 3 months for Germans)

M.Sc. scholarship grant per month for long term exchange (max 2 years; only South-North and South-South): € 400-750


Lecturer exchange

CNRD supports the exchange of lecturers between CNRD partner universities. The guest lectures should contribute to the curricular content of the CNRD network universities. Lecturer stays of varying duration can be combined with either curriculum or learning unit development or CNRD-related research activities such as preparing papers or proposals or joint supervision of Master’s students.

For lecture exchange stays, please contact: Alexandra Nauditt via

Application form for lecturer exchange (Download the application form to fill in your data)

Admission requirements for CNRD lecturer exchange

  • Lecturing or research experience in topics related to CNRD core topics
    • Master’s degree (minimum)
    • Fluent English

Lectureship Grant

  • Up to 22 days: daily allowance of € 96.00

Long-term lectureships with stays between 23 days up to 3 months receive a monthly allowance of € 2,150.00 in Germany or € 700.00 for stays at southern partner universities.