Doctoral program

The Doctoral Program on Natural Resources and Development (DNRD) is a semi‐structured doctoral program supported by CNRD-exceed.  The doctoral research is typically embedded into multilateral and interdisciplinary research projects developed together with CNRD. The program is concerned with the major challenges of today’s societies and also inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), which serve as a reference for the program’s research portfolio. It is designed for a three‐year time frame and is structured in supervision, educational, field research and exposure components. A detailed exposition of the DNRD program can be seen here.

DNRD students intake 2015 (front row)

DNRD students intake 2015 (front row) , from right to left:

Mr. Tun Thein “Development and application of a methodology for low fl ow assessment in the Mekong River basin”

Mr. Muhammad Khalifa “Development of an Integrated Model for Water Basin Water-Food Security Nexus in the Blue Nile Basin within Sudan”

Mr. Nazmul Huq “Unlocking the Potentials of Water-Ecosystem-Livelihood Nexus for Climate Change Resilience:A Study on Wetland Agricultural Community in Southern Bangladesh”

Ms. Uyen Nguyen “Harmonizing multi-sectorial water management with minimum infl ow requirements in a human impacted Central Vietnamese river basin”

Ms. Teresa Arce “Developing a methodological approach for assessing ecosystem vulnerability in Mexico in the context of Disaster Risk Reduction”