Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Vietnam Academy for Water Resources (VAWR), established in 2007, emerged from the restructuring of the Vietnam Institute for Water Resources Research (established in 1959) and the Southern Institute for Water Resources Research (established in 1978). With about 1,300 professionals with many professors, doctoral students, and senior researchers working in 17 sub-institutions, the VAWR is the leading institute for water resources research and development in Vietnam and is one of 42 national institutes with high potential capacity in science research and technology transfer. The VAWR has 14 organization members providing scientific research, training, consultancy, and technology transfer in the fields of developing and managing water resources, irrigation, agriculture, and rural development.

The VAWR, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), is a state-owned science organization and independent legal entity with its own seal and bank account at the treasury and state banks, allowing it to operate independently in accordance with the law. The VAWR provides scientific research for public services, technology transfer, postgraduate education, international cooperation, investment consulting, and investment and construction of irrigation, hydropower, and environmental work that provide services for state management, agricultural development, and rural development.

Scientific research

  1. Conducting integrated studies into water resources, natural conditions, and the environment to provide the scientific basis for the socio-economic development plans of Vietnam and its territories.
  2. Evaluating and approving research proposals and cost estimates and approving the results of scientific research, technological development, pilot production projects, technological testing of VAWR units in accordance with government regulations, and decentralized responsibility of the MARD (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).
  3. Overseeing the compilation of processes, technical regulations, and economic and technical standards and norms and submitting them to the competent authorities for promulgation in accordance with the law.

Vietnam Academy for Water Resources

Project Coordination

Dr. Nguyen Tung Phong



Tiến Xuân, Thạch Thất, Hanoi, Vietnam