University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan

The Department of Civil Engineering concerns itself with the development of water resources (both surface and underground water), the study of river mechanics, the study of flooding forecasts, and the design and execution of water dams to generate power and irrigate agricultural projects.

In recent years, the Water Research Center (WRC) has been integrated into the civil engineering department. It was established with an ambitious mission to support and enhance the national effort toward the sustainable development, management, and protection of water resources and the environment in Sudan. The center has an excellent record in research and capacity building in various aspects of water resources management, especially in multi-disciplinary research programs addressing water issues of national and regional importance. The center’s Ph.D. program and two Master’s programs currently have six Ph.D. students and 40 Master’s students enrolled. The center has 15 staff members including three professors, nine associated professors, and three teaching assistants.


University of Khartoum

Project Coordination

Dr. Gamal Abdo



JG5R+WXF, Khartoum, Sudan