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Technische Hochschule Köln – abbreviated as TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences – sees itself as the University of Technology, Arts, Sciences. With its disciplinary and cultural diversity and openness, TH Köln’s activities are aimed at cultural and technological breakthroughs of high societal relevance; TH Köln contributes substantially to resolving social challenges. As a community of faculty and students, we see ourselves as a learning organization forging new paths. For instance, TH Köln is one of the pioneers in the field of development and formation of concepts for higher education didactics.

Our subject range includes the fields of Applied Natural Sciences; Architecture and Construction; Information and Communication; Computer Science; Engineering; Culture; Society and Social Sciences as well as Business Studies. More than 90 degree programs are offered as full-time programs or in some cases as career-integrated or part-time programs. As a place where research-based learning and academic education take place, the university nurtures prospective scholars through cooperative dissertations. Annually, about 6,000 students take up their studies at TH Köln. Overall 25,000 students from about 120 different countries along with 420 professors and 1,200 staff employ their potential.

Research mainly focuses on future-related issues, including climate change, energy supply, health and food safety as well as demographic changes. While developing solution strategies for the most important questions of our time, researchers offer their professional expertise in interdisciplinary interaction. At the same time, they closely collaborate with local, national, and international cooperation partners, including 290 international institutions of higher education. The university offers its researchers an attractive sphere of activity. The quality seal “HR Excellence in Research” awarded by the European Commission certifies that TH Köln meets international standards in the field of human resources development. TH Köln also puts emphasis on quality in advanced academic training and promotes competencies as well as personal and professional development through a variety of programs offered to those who are interested in further education, to those who are currently working as well as to those who are returning to work.

The Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) at the TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences) aims to enable people of various technical and cultural backgrounds to better solve the complex issues related to environmental problems with an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach at the graduate and postgraduate level. Studying at the ITT does not only mean achieving a master’s degree but going beyond one’s professional and personal borders. Through manifold trainings and modern methods of teaching and learning, ITT realizes the concept of lifelong learning and puts the student at the center of the education efforts. The institute cooperates with key regional, national, and international organizations within the fields of resources management, development cooperation and higher education in addition to providing teaching, research, and capacity development worldwide.

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Integrated Land and Water Resources Management Lars Ribbe
Agricultural Economics, Farming Systems, Farm Household Modeling Rui Pedroso
Integrated Water Resources Management Sudeh Dehnavi
Urban Planning and Development Günther Straub
Regional management, Urban Geography, Economic and Political geography (with a special focus on infrastructure) Johannes Hamhaber
Ecosystem management, Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction, and adaptation, Holocene landscape evolution and environmental change Udo Nehren
Renewable Energy Systems Ramchandra Bhandari
Drought management, Hydrology, WEF Nexus research, Integrated Water and Land Resources Management in the context of global change Alexandra Nauditt
Environment and Resource Economics in the Tropics and Subtropics Sabine Schlüter
Resources Management and Environmental System Science in the Tropics and Subtropics Jackson Roehrig
Water Supply and Sewage Technology Michael Sturm
Connectivity and Biodiversity Conservation Claudia Raedig
Contemporary climate change and variability; Drought risk and management; Water/climate-landuse interactions; Socio-hydrology. Nadir Elagib


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