Advisory Board

CNRD-exceed has an international Advisory Board which plays an important role for the network development. The Advisory board provides advice to the CNRD network regarding its orientation and sustainability.

The permanent members are experts representing international organisations or research institutions dealing with the key themes addressed by the project. In addition, regional, national and local experts will be invited depending on the location of the advisory board meeting.

The Advisory Board members provide valuable input for the project in general and act as partners in distinct activities. The permanent CNRD Advisory Board members are:

  • Anik Bhaduri, Executive Officer, Global Water System Project (GWSP)
  • Radhika Murti, IUCN Senior Programme Coordinator Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Mahesh Pradhan, Head of UNEP’s Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU)
  • Muralee Thummarukudy, Chief of Disaster Risk Reduction at the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP